Doors at the "Chimney Rock Park"

Photos and text by George F. Mohn


These are the doors to the "MEN" and "WOMEN" rooms at the "Chimney Rock Park". It is in the western part of the state of North Carolina, near Asheville. Each one is painted very realistically as if an American skunk was exiting! How appropriate: nothing in the world makes a smell like our skunk! Look closely in the upper part of the photos, and you will see those words. If you look very closely above the painted rails, you will see the locks of these doors. There is a map on their website: There are many other pictures there, history and geology of the park, and so on. Unlike most parks in the U.S., this park is not operated by a government. It is a privately-owned business. The park charges admission to the public to make a profit like any other business.

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